Action Frame

For 2013 Björn wanted to redesign his signature frame from the ground up and to start completely fresh we gave it a new name, too. Action Frame that is! We gave the Action frame an overall quick responding geometry, added a well rounded slim look to it and some fresh new colors. We achieved this by giving it a quick 75.5° head tube angle, a 11.6” BB height, a 13.5” center of dropout chain stay length and a 8.5” stand over. Top and Down Tube have been slimmed down and the chain stays have been widened to fit 2.3” tires easily.





“When Mankind offered me a signature frame it was clear for me that I had to tribute it to the Mellowpark in Berlin where I started to ride. It is definitely a strange feeling having people riding around with your Frame, but it also makes me really happy. A big shout out goes to Mellowpark and Mankind for the best frame I ever rode. Legends…”

Björn Mager

MATERIAL Full 4130 chromoly Sanko Japanese tubing BOTTOM BRACKET Heat-treated Mid Size BB
LENGHTS 20.5”, 20.75”, 21.0” DROPOUTS Heat-treated Laser cut, 5mm, 4130 cr-mo, 14mm slots
2mm sink cuts on inside. Angled welded on caps on SS & CS.
TT ø 33.0mm x 1.1t*0.8t*1.1t  Heat-treated
DT ø 34.0mm x 1.2t*0.9t*1.2t  Heat-treated CHAINSTAYLENGTH 13,5” – middle of dropout
SS ø 19.0mm x 1.0t. Heat-treated BB HEIGHT 11.6”
CS ø 19.0mm x 1.2t. Heat-treated U-BRAKE Rem. U-brake mounts and London Mod brake cable guides
SEAT TUBE Single butt (1.5t*0.9t) – Heat-treated. Angle: 71° WEIGHT 2.10 Kilograms / 4.63lbs for 21.0”
HEAD TUBE Heat-treated – Int. Headset, rem. Gyro tabs COLORS Matt Black, Clearcoat Blue, Clearcoat Red, Shining Raw, Chrome

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