Enter the world of BMX!

The Planet Line –
A perfect entry level

The Planet Bike is our entry level, beginner bike for the younger and smaller rider. Therefore we have designed size, geometry and weight in order to make it as ideal as possible to learn to ride BMX and to have a great time. The Planet is available in 16” and 20”. The 16” is suitable for riders from about 110cm to 140cm and from appr. five to nine years of age. The 20” has a shorter 20.0” Top Tube and lower 8.25” bar for an easy and direct handling for the younger rider from about 150cm of size on.

Great Looks & Striking Specs!

The NXS Line –
Intermediate Riding

The Mankind NXS Bike combines great looks with amazing specs! It comes with a sealed intergrated headset, sealed Mid BB and a fully sealed Cassette Hub. The Nexus is available in 18” and 20”. The 18” is suitable for riders from about 125cm to 150cm and from appr. seven to twelve years of age. The 20” is available in 20.5” and XL: 21.0” Top Tube versions, making it easy for you to find the size you need.

Viva la Libertad!

The Libertad Line –
progressive riding

The Mankind Libertad Bike gives you all you need, 100% Chromoly Frame, Fork & Bars and Fully Sealed Front Hub, Rear Cassette Hub, Integrated Headset and Bottom Bracket. It also features The Shadow Conspiracy Valor LP 2.4” Tires, Double Wall – Welded Rims and Mankind Control 25t Alloy Sprocket. You can´t always get what you want, but here you get what you need!

Ride the Lightning!

The Thunder –
A core Street machine

The Mankind Thunder Bike is our top of the line street machine with Mankind Prometheus Freecoaster & Front Hub, Mankind Vision Rims and Mankind Epoch Riser Stem. The Shadow Strada Nuova LP 2.3” Tires and the Shadow V2 Interlock Chain are the icing on the cake! The perfect frame geo with 21.0” Top Tube, 11.75” BB height, 9.0” stand over and 13.5” CS Length, comes along with a 8.9” rise bar and tapered forks with 25mm offset.

Getaway with the International!

The International
A true park ride

The Mankind International Bike is the perfect high end Park Bike packed with Mankind & Shadow aftermarket parts like Mankind Epoch FL Stem, Mankind Nexus 3Pc Cranks, Mankind Prometheus Cassette and Front Hub, The Shadow Valor LP 2.4” Tires and the Shadow V2 Interlock Chain. The frame features a park geometry with 20.75 Top Tube, 13.25” CS Length, 8.5” Stand Over and a 11.5” BB Height.