The Mankind Prometheus SDS Cassette Hub featuring SDS-Switch Drive System making RHD & LHD possible. It has a 6061-T6 aluminium 36H hub body, comes with 2 precision sealed hub shell bearings (no.6902) and an 1-piece 4 pawl chromoly 9t SDS driver with a high durable polymer driver bushing. It features a 14mm nickel chromoly hollow axle with 8.0mm inner hex, flush non driver side alloy cone, flush driver side chromoly cone and comes with14mm alloy nuts with washers.

Also available as Bolts Female version

Colors Matt Black, Polished Silver
Weight 469 Grams (16.54oz)

Hub body6061-T6 aluminum 36H hub body
Axle14mm nickel chromoly hollow axle with 8.0mm inner hex
Driver1-piece 9t chromoly SDS driver - Polymer bushing – 4 Pawls
Bearings2 precision sealed bearings (no.6902)
Axle nuts14mm alloy nuts and washers
ConesAlloy cone on non-driver side. Steel cone on driver side
Spokes184mm spoke length for 3x lacing
VersionSDS-Switch Drive System - making RHD & LHD possible
ColorsMatt Black, Polished Silver
Weight424 Grams (14.95oz)