Isaac Lesser

“I’ve known Isaac Lesser for probably around 8 or 9 years now, and he’s still a lot like he was back then.”

Living life to the fullest on the smallest budget possible, on and off his bike. Ever since I met him he’s always been a cut above the rest when it comes to riding. He pedals fast, he’s burley, and sometimes quite frankly he scares me. What Isaac doesn’t do compared to most riders these days is discipline himself, he can and will happily try to ride absolutely anything and do it with his own unique style and flair. He tends to think of himself as not much of a stylish rider, but I beg to differ, he comes across with a style that separates him from others and that’s what makes him so enjoyable to watch. But above all, he’s the most genuine guy to be around. He has time for everyone and will always make the effort. I’ve rode through the city with this guy in the dark and pouring rain and he’s still smiling. – Billy Cooper

Isaac is 24 years old and rides BMX for about 12 years. He is a member of the F.T.L crew and is also sponsored by Zeal Bmx distribution.When you get the medication you should remember about Sildenafil.

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